We help public organizations and state institutions talk about theirwork in simple words


Hello there! I'm Veronika Kobzysta.

Previously, I worked in the public sector, where I always aspired to simplify complex discussions. My dream was to explain intricate subjects without the clutter of legal documents and outdated designs, as easily as if I were explaining it to my aunt over a cup of coffee.

It led to the creation of 9. Department, an agency adept at transforming complex documents into understandable messages. The one skilled enough to communicate effectively with local village council leaders and international foundation representatives. Our team excels at capturing the attention of legislators and everyday people's attention on critical topics.

What We Do

  • Communication Strategies

    We set targets, analyze competitors and stakeholders, create action plans, and define KPIs to achieve them

  • AdvocacySupport

    We garner media attention for events and press conferences, and know how to reach out to legislators and ministry leaders

  • Communication Starter Pack

    We prepare everything needed to launch an initiative: logo, brand style, social media pages, design, and nine posts

  • Opinion leadership PR

    We manage blogs in the media, prepare for broadcasts, moderate social networks, and provide support during media crises

  • Brand Identity Development

    We either develop or redesign a brand identity from scratch, preserving key elements or colors

  • Video Production

    We create educational courses, promotional videos, and animated instructions. We set up YouTube channels and launched video podcasts

Our MissionTo build a system of simple communications in Ukraine's public and government sectors

Focus Areas

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Public Sector

Government Communications

Social Projects

Cultural Sector

Youth Policy

Healthcare Reform




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Our partners and customers

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