100 of invincibility. Music born of war

Charity Concert Promotion a week beforethe event itself

On June 4, 2022, a charity concert was held in Kyiv in honour of 100 days of Ukraine's heroic struggle in the war with russia.
A story of how we took up the promo a week before the event itself.

Since February 2022, cultural life in Ukraine has practically stopped. Most artists dedicated themselves to volunteering or to charity concerts abroad in order to raise money. The only events happening were small chamber concerts in bomb shelters.
Despite the complete halt in show business, many new Ukrainian (and most importantly — Ukrainian-speaking) artists appeared in the public space.

Some have rethought their old works and begun to write about current events, and others' careers have just started with military reflection. 

According to the editor of LiRoom — media about new Ukrainian culture, more Ukrainian songs were released in four months of the full-scale war than in the whole previous year. It became clear that a new generation of musicians born of the war had appeared.  

Concept of the project

In 100 days of the war, the Ukrainian military was able to fully liberate the Kyiv region from the invasion of russians. Air-raid alarms have become less frequent in Kyiv city and Kyiv region. 
VISIT UKRAINE Foundation has decided to hold a large charity concert in Kyiv honouring 100 days since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine. It was also the first concert at Bel Etage, a large A-class concert hall. 

The project was called "100 DAYS OF UKRAINIAN INVINCIBILITY. Music born of war. "

The line-up consisted of the authors of "Good evening, we are from Ukraine" PROBASS & hardi, "Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine" CHICO & QATOSHI, "Let's kiss during the air-raid alert" Skryaga, and other tracks that became the voice of Ukrainian resilience.

How it all started

The concert was announced 10 days before the event itself. It takes courage to organise an event in a thousand-seat hall in 10 days in a city that can be shelled by russians at any time. That's why we agreed to promote the concert a week before its start. 
We needed to make a promotion and sell around 150 tickets. All funds raised from ticket sales went to the VISIT UKRAINE Foundation to help the IDPs. 

We also had to organise a live stream of the concert, during which a fundraising campaign to the Come Back Alive Foundation was held.

Key messages

We received materials with the name of the concert, "100 days of invincibility". However, having analysed the media field, we realised that this phrase is rarely used. (spoiler alert: on June 4, the day of the concert, it reached the top mentions in the media).
But the concert is still a week away. And there are brand-new artists on the poster. Their songs are popular, shazamed, and played on the radio, but the artists' names don't ring a bell with an average listener. 

So, we decided to add the caption "Music born of war" to the title and shift focus to the faces of the performers and their viral songs.

Poster designs

Cooperation with Telegram channels

Given the time pressure, we relied on "fast" media, where people go to find interesting events in the city. Therefore, we went with the announcement straight to such groups and music Telegram channels.

Targeted advertisement

In addition to general posters, we launched targeted ads with click-targeting and creative solutions for each artist. On Facebook, the advertisement led straight to the Concert.ua website, where tickets were sold. For Instagram, we made a video in stories with a call to come to the concert.
We spent $100 in one week on advertising and received more than 2 thousand clicks.


Friendly newsletters

The partner of the event was Concert.ua website.
We asked them to include the concert in their weekly digest newsletter, as well as make a post about the concert on their social media.

Media that supported us

Live stream


To draw attention to the live stream of the concert, we invited Olexandra Hontar, a journalist and a screenwriter of the Toronto Television show, to be a presenter. She fit perfectly into the concert's concept with her stand-up about russian national cuisine. And no, their dishes are not borscht and dumplings, but drachyona and zalupyanka.
During the stream, there was a QR code on the screen, through which you could donate to the Come Back Alive Foundation in two clicks. In addition, each artist urged to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine after their performance.



days of work


tickets sold


USD donated to the Come Back Alive Foundation