Our team


Veronika Kobzysta

Head of 9.Department

Created a communication agency so that she can do what she loves. Instead, spends most of her working time with Excel tables and reports.
She stakes life on the team result.


Olena Horoshynska

Project Manager

Team conductor. Can break down any project into manageable tasks. We think they taught her this skill in the med school. But she says what she learned there is how not to sleep for several days.


Mariia Bohdanovska

Media Manager

Has a journalistic background and is fluent in several languages.
Also hides the potential of a talented comedian.


Ronika Pozharska

SMM manager

Used to be a regional journalist, so it is hard to surprise her.
Writes poetry, so if you noticed lyrics in our text, Ronika wrote it.


Anita Baranovska

Graphic Designer

Can read minds. Don’t believe us? Then how to explain her talent to make a top design out of a 30-second voice message?
Figma Ambassador.


Ivanna Krukovska

Communication Manager

Performs any assigned task, from translating a text to analyzing the communication campaign.


Olena Hrazhdan

Economic journalist, communication manager

Knows not only the economics but also the communications of civic organisations.
Has in her portfolio cases of cooperation with Forbes Ukraine, ZN.ua, Liga, Neruhomi, and IWPR.


Yelyzaveta Holyarchuk

Creative photographer

Left the business incubator to work for Forbes.
Business portrait and reports guru.


Artem Bohinskyi

Head of 9.Department.Production

Cameraman and YouTuber. Shot ads for global brands, edited the highest-rated educational courses and received an award from the President for his talents.
Likes to put his sneakers on and run marathons in the morning. That is why he is the most determined at work but the most boring among the team in the bar.


Yulia Slepenkova

Graphic Designer

Still hopes to get a letter from Hogwarts. In the meantime, practices magic in Photoshop.
Specialises in identity and brand books.


Mitya Koshman

Designer, Illustrator

The only one in 9.Department who was hired through family ties.
An expert in all known and unknown graphic editors.