Kherson 2030

Communications for the Strategy of Kherson City Community, in which the city spoke to its residents

What was it about

Over the past five years, Kherson city has faced many development challenges due to the problems of infrastructure availability, construction of several new and restoration of old military bases and facilities aimed at protecting against russian aggression, decentralisation reform tasks, etc.
In 2021, the Kherson City Council (KCC) began developing the City Strategic Plan for 2022-2030. Currently, KCC has established a working group that actively participates in the Strategy development.

The Kherson Development Strategy consists of six areas. These are economic development; digitalisation and IT technologies; infrastructure and utilities; urban planning; medicine, education and science; and public services inclusiveness.

Сommunication campaign aims

● Provide different target audiences with accessible information on the progress in strategic planning of Kherson
● Involve citizens in work on the Strategy 2030 development and explain the details of the participation opportunities

● Defend the Strategy adoption and create the basis for its effective implementation

Target Audiences

● Small and medium-sized businesses in the city
● Large enterprises
● International organisations
● Business and professional associations
● Utility providers (water, electricity, gas, garbage collection, etc.)
● Deputies of the Kherson City Council
● Members of neighbourhood committees and heads of condominiums
● Influential community members, civic activists, and opinion leaders
● Adult working population of Kherson
● Low-income population, non-student youth representatives
● Religious and non-governmental organisations
● Retired people
● Students of universities and technical schools
● elementary and secondary school students.


Key messages

We chose clear narratives with a call to action for our communication — “Join”, “Influence”, and “Your ability to influence the future of the city.”


The Periodic Table inspired the logo. Similarly, the community development strategy consists of various elements — effective management, business development, creative environment establishment, strong public initiatives, investments, grant funds attraction, critical social projects, and the proactivity of residents.
Thanks to a well-thought-out development strategy considering important social, economic and environmental aspects, as well as the unique features and traditions of the region, the Kherson community will be able to find its own formula for success.

The logo’s base colour is the pink of Lemurian Lake. Yellow-green — the steppe grasses in the spring. Orange is for the evening sky over the waters of the Dnipro floods. Dark grey is the colour of night waves.

Outdoor advertising

Reflecting on why city residents should participate in the City Strategy development and what can encourage them, we realised that the answer lies on the surface.
This is an opportunity to get the kind of urban space that Kherson residents want in a few years. With bike lanes, ramps, lighted streets, and safe pedestrian crossings.

We distributed these messages on billboards and city lights.


The communication continued with posters urging the audience to share how they want to see their city.
We placed them in public places: parks, cafes, youth centres, schools, universities, markets, and hospitals.

Collaboration with the media


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Media Coverage


People contributed to the development of the Strategy

The development of the Strategy for the Development of the Kherson Urban Territorial Community until 2030 was made possible thanks to the sincere support of the American people provided through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Kherson City Council is implementing an initiative to create a Strategy with the support of the USAID Democratic Governance in Eastern Ukraine project and in cooperation with the O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv.