Identity for the United Ukraine Charity Fund

Case of identity development for the United Ukraine charitable foundation.This is the first project of 9.Department team after the beginning of the full-scale invasion

What was it about?

United Ukraine is a charitable foundation created by football referees from Ukraine. The Foundation helped children in hospitals and orphanages. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, its activities expanded to supporting children who lost the opportunity to play sports as a result of hostilities.
The United Ukraine team contacted the coaches of football and basketball clubs in Ukraine, collected data on the needs of the participants, and provided uniforms and sports equipment for young athletes. The fund is also engaged in the organization of international junior football tournaments.


● Update the identity of the Foundation
● Take into account the profile area and reflect it in the logo.
● Prepare layouts for social media and presentation materials for work with international donors

Target Audiences

● Teenagers who play sports professionally, as well as their parents
● Representatives of football and basketball clubs in Ukraine and Europe

Logo concept

Since the founders are football referees, we decided to use this in the logo. We based it on the Ukrainian trident, but removed sharp corners and some of its elements and paired it with a ball. It became an allusion to the recognizable Ukrainian letter I.


We used the colours that are most often found in the stadium: the lime colour of the football field, yellow and orange, like stadium chairs. Delicate lilac resembles the colour of the sky at dusk during the tournaments.

Social Media Design

Given the audience of adolescents, we gave up sharp corners, added graphic elements, and used recognizable photos from the life of athletes.